Based on the inorganic artificial stone application of ultra-high performance concrete material


Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) as a new engineering material has become a popular materials in research of materials, because of UHPC materials has excellent physical and mechanical properties and durability, it has been widely used in buildings, roads, Bridges, ports, military facilities, etc.In building applications to UHPC materials produced with inorganic artificial stone, stone texture of the decorative plate - used for building exterior wall decoration materials, is also have excellent physical and mechanical performance and durability, and implement and construction are the same as life, has the widespread application promotion value and significance.

List 1, UHPC materials compared with ordinary concrete various performance


UHPC materials compared with ordinary concrete

Mechanical strength

5 times more

Salt erosion

30 times more

Resistance to chloride ion penetration

50 times more

carbonation resistance

5 times more

steel Corrosion resistant

120 times more

Wear resistance

3 times more

Frost resistance

3 times more

Acid resistance

3 times more

Design life

1.5 times more(100years)

        By the UHPC material manufacturing inorganic artificial stone, the key lies in the formulation and process.Mixture ratio design, through the basic principle of UHPC finally realize artificial stone high strength, high toughness, high compactness of physical properties for the purpose.UHPC materials composed of cement, quartz sand, quartz powder, active admixture, fiber, high performance additives, the formula of all kinds of powder and aggregates determined by the close packing theory, get the best physical properties and the thermal maintenance;In the process, the different molding process performance design and rheological properties of UHPC work puts forward different requirements.UHPC material preparation into a certain plastic fluid, pressing by screw extrusion process or vacuum forming, so as to achieve the inorganic artificial stone of dense matrix.

picture1 screw extruder equipment

picture2 vacuum press equipment

      Hunan xiangtan Weida electrical machinery manufacturing company after nearly six years of research and test, the success will UHPC materials applied to inorganic artificial stone, developed a unique screw extrusion molding and forming two sets of technology, and developed a special mixing equipment and complete production line.Screw extrusion molding is suitable for the continuous production of single colors or special inorganic stone, has the characteristics of high efficiency.Suppression of molding process for producing artificial stone products with color texture, also have considerable production efficiency.Two sets of technology complement each other, it each has its own characteristics.


Weida company produced inorganic artificial stone

on the other hand,Xiangtan Weida company in view of the UHPC dispersity of ultra-fine powder used in artificial stone problem, developed a special high speed mixer (figure 4), with adjustable speed for the blender mixing barrel and internal high-speed mixing blade counter-rotating, the formation of strong hedge reverse material flow field, and benefit from the tilting cylinder, material under the effect of rotation and are formed by superposition of gravity stereo mix, which greatly enhances the material flow field of the turbulent flow pattern, greatly promote the exchange between material, so as to realize the purpose of UHPC micro material evenly.Fully meet the production of inorganic artificial stone, can greatly promote the material uniformity, greatly reduce plate surface defects, such as spots, water lines, material mass, relative to the traditional organic man-made stone mixer has a significant advantage.

picture 4

The inorganic artificial stone and special mixer for UHPC materials

Xiangtan Weida electrical and machinery company is the first company in inorganic stone industry to "REMAC" total package model company for the development of innovation, REMAC is Research, Engineering, Manufacture,, Accommodate chain, Construction.

"REMAC" total package model through the inorganic Shi Quan industry chain, ranging from r&d, design, manufacture, supply, construction of the whole process of services, achieve a systematic organic integration of resources, can assign for inorganic stone industry.Hui electrical inorganic stone three core business is: inorganic micro factory production line total package + UHPC modularize stone material supply system + technical support services.

    At present, xiangtan Weida electrical machinery company has built screw extruding and press forming two inorganic stone production line in Uzbekistan, and it has been implemented operation at the end of 2020. We Welcome all of you came to discuss cooperation.

picture 5

Weida company Uzbekistan inorganic stone production line