Machinery and equipment promote condiment innovation


Condiment as a magic hand in the food industry, can make the ingredients of grapes become delicious. There is a long history and rich knowledge in developing and eating condiments. From the former single flavor condiment to the second high concentration and efficient condiment. Later, the third generation of compound condiment appeared. Today, the fourth generation, pure natural condiment has become a new favorite in the market.
With the pursuit of high quality of life, Chinese consumers' demand for condiments will be more diversified. Domestic condiment enterprises should develop all kinds of special condiments according to different cooking needs of consumers, such as special steamed fish soy sauce and sushi soy sauce, so as to improve the added value of products.
Tulaohan develops citrus condiment
Many people know that citrus can remove fishiness and freshness, which is a rare condiment in the cooking industry. In recent years, Yichang tulaohan has explored the potential of citrus. In addition to fresh fruit sales, he has developed a series of products based on the intensive processing of tangerine. He uses citrus juice to make wine and vinegar, pulp to produce jelly and canned food, and pericarp to produce tangerine peel and a series of condiments. Orange vinegar, soy sauce and other "fish seasonings" made from Citrus have the functions of deodorization, freshness enhancement and aroma enhancement for cooking fresh meat and fish.

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